About us

Who We Are?

LSL Metal (M) Sdn Bhd was incorporated in 1993, the core business includes supply and fabricate various industrial processing tanks and household water storage tank.

LSL is committed to deliver the best customer service and high quality products to meet customer requirements.

LSL started to venture into industrial stainless steel tank fabrication and engineering work since year 2001, these ‘mostly’ customised tanks were being designed and produced to meet the specific application and usage according to the needs of the customers. Our industrial tanks have been supplied to various food and chemical industries which include the following segments:

Food product industries:

Fruit juice, water, chocolate product, soya drinks, chilli sauce, soya sauce and oyster sauce, ice cream product, mayonnaise, herbs, Edible oil, Food flavour, granulated food products and etc

Chemical product industries:

Detergent, personal care product, cosmetic product, pharmaceutical product, Industrial paint and coating products, Latex, glue, gum and adhesive products, solvent base product, PU product, Base oil or engine oil, paper mill, plastic resin, Fragrance and etc

Our Company

our aims

Our Mission

Innovation in production process,
Improvement in production process,
Improve production efficiency,
Improve productivity,
Improve product quality.

Our Vision

Analysis various production process
Provide solution for issue related to production process
Research & development for product mix handling.

Quality is our promise, we always say that to all our customers.

Understand customer needs

We listen to customers, capturing information pertaining to their requirements, we study, analyse, perform research if necessary, design and propose processing tank that would meet specific production processing needs. Our knowledge & experience in pairing of  suitable mechanical and electronic device for the process tanks have been our strong advantage in achieving and meeting end users’ work requirements.